Le Château de la Bourlie is a beautiful château situated in the heart of one of the most ancient and stunning areas of France, the Périgord: tucked away in the hills behind the main valley of the Dordogne, it occupies an idyllic site embedded in a large private estate and offers two style of accommodation: la Bourlie and le Pressoir

La Bourlie
Le Pressoir
The Garden

The château sits on a hillside surrounded by gardens, rolling meadows and woodlands, ensuring total peace and privacy.
La Bourlie's architecture with its sand coloured stones is typical of the Périgord Noir radiating warmth and great charm. Lemon trees line the courtyard and the walls are covered in climbing roses all accentuating the enchanting atmosphere of La Bourlie.
With its origins dating back to the XIVth century, La Bourlie is a listed historic monument and has been in our family for more than six hundred years. Above all though, La Bourlie is our family home and we would be happy to welcome you for a week or longer at any time of the year.

Like any good Périgourdin we love good food and fine wine both of which the Dordogne offers in abundance and which we consider to be two very noble reasons even if they should turn out to be your sole reason for visiting this region! From Michelin Stars and Nouvelle Cuisine to the best rural France has to offer a hearty "cuisine de terroir".
It is based on the finest fresh produce grown on small traditional family farms in the river valleys blessed with rich soil most farmers only get to dream about. In our mind the Cro Magnon knew exactly why he settled here some 40,000 years ago!