A family home for countless generations, the Chateau de la Bourlie is now the backdrop for the Commarque principles: and their love of philosophy and local cuisine.

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A little known fact and unusual for France: this chateau has remained in the same family for generations never having been sold.
Home to a flowery, vivacious and alternative family for more than 800 years... La Bourlie has been formed, revolutionised and modernised by every different generation that it has harboured.
On two separate occasions in fact, it was under the control of women, first in the middle ages and again in the 19th century: something that was truly unheard of in both eras.

Today it is very much in the image of its patrons: Cyril de Commarque, the artist… passionate about architecture and ecology and his wife the writer Ortensia Visconti di Modrone.

Both philanthropists, art lovers and bohemian bon viveurs, they divide their time between their house boat in London and the estate of La Bourlie to which they bring their own, more relaxed, 21st century take.

La Bourlie is not a hotel but a family home a luxurious sanctuary for rejuvenation providing the opportunity to open onesself to art at nature’s own rhythm.

In an elegant and naturally beautiful setting, the chateau owners, the de Commarques have perfected the art of hosting in beautiful surroundings and their deep affection for the environment and the arts are palpable in all that they do... making traditional marketing unnecessary.

A family home for countless generations, the Chateau de la Bourlie is now the backdrop for the Commarque principles: and their love of philosophy and local cuisine.

The Commarques have two great loves, culture and agriculture and they hope to convey these through the values expressed by La Bourlie thus, under one roof fine connaisseurs and travelers happily coexist alongside art and nature.

To that aim restauration of the grounds will begin in September 2018 with new landscaping and a fully functional kitchen garden.
La Bourlie is an ode to change, to creation, to sharing and a passion for nature.



La Bourlie is at once: a family home, a holiday retreat, a perfect location for marriages and large made to measure events, a sanctuary .... an artists’ residence and an independent stage for concerts and conferences alike.

Playing host to a secret society of artists, researchers and writers, Château de La Bourlie aims to serve a noble cause: to work together, mindful of humanity and nature, providing a catalyst for positivity.

From 2019, La Bourlie will be hosting a series of conferences focusing on the notion of progress both in the arts and in ecology. Bringing together a community of personalities and game changers all in the aim of creating a better world.

Firmly rooted in its precious natural environment, the Chateau aims to respect the biodiversity of its land and its history.


2016/17: Hector Abbad Faciolince, Colombian writer
2018: Benedetto Pietromarchi, Italian sculptor
2019: To be announced

La Bourlie will also host a festival in 2019.
More information to come…

Perched on the edge of a hill on the protected lands of what is known as “black” perigord, the La Bourlie estate benefits from a pefect geographical position in the heart of a lush valley in the Dordogne.

Surrounded by lush gardens, valleys and woodland, the landscape invites you to find inner peace through contemplation of the exterior. The architecture itself at La Bourlie with its structure built in golden stone, typical of the region, of the “black” Perigord, adds not only to the charm of the building but somehow to its spiritual warmth.

There is an enchanting atmosphere to the Chateau... thanks somewhat to the lemon trees that border the courtyard or the climbing roses that scale the walls.
The chateau and its estate are in fact protected by the Batiments de France the equivalent of the National Trust in Britain. The name La Bourlie is derived from its first, noble title “La Borrelia” attributed from 1459.

The estate is approximately one kilometer from the south of the charming Peregourdin village of Urval itself home to a fortified church from the 11th century.


Chateau de La Bourlie

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